Conference Technology

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Wireless Access
  • Access to wireless is provided throughout the venue but as always, it may be best to have back-up plans in place in case of technical issues for mission-critical needs. Presenters are strongly cautioned against counting on connectivity for their sessions. Have a back-up plan in place in case of technical problems with the network.
Attendees – Bring your Computer or other Device
  • Some presenters may ask that you bring a computer (e.g., for skill-building sessions). Check session descriptions before the conference for notes regarding sessions that will go best if you have your computer available.
Presenters – Follow these Technology Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines for presentation materials for all sessions. If you have any questions or special requirements not covered below, direct them by email to Kirk Knestis at least 10 days before the conference.

  • Each presenter must bring their presentation on a USB drive.
  • Presenters will use computers connected to projectors in the breakout rooms, provided by conference organizers.
  • Presentation computers will be running Windows and have Microsoft PowerPoint installed.
  • Auxiliary speakers will be available for audio presentation content, integral to the projectors provided in the presentation rooms.
  • If you have multimedia presentation content please confirm your software requirements with Kirk in advance.
  • Presentations must be transferred to a folder on the desktop of the computer provided. Copy your presentation to the folder (drag and drop or copy and paste), then remove your USB drive. You may be in a session with other presenters, so all presentations must be copied to the folder prior to the beginning of the session. Attempting to run presentations off of the USB drive will potentially result in a frozen presentation.
  • Presentations will be left in these folders for collection and uploading to the Conference Materials list on the EERS web site. If you cannot leave a copy of your presentation (e.g., protection of study participants, intellectual property limitations), simply delete it from the folder and empty the trash when you are done.
  • Presenters may bring their presentations in PDF format. Presentations not in this format will be converted for uploading to the EERS web site.
  • Since presentations will be archived for future reference, please be sensitive to file size (e.g., inclusion of graphics). If your presentation includes media or is unusually large for any reason, please consider providing a “lite” version of your presentation to share on the EERS web site. It may not be possible to archive overly large presentations.

For reasons of accessibility, a microphone and voice-amplification hardware are provided in all EERS conference presentation spaces. Presenters are expected to utilize these tools to allow individuals requiring amplification to more fully participate in our program.


Expand EERS Participation & Inclusion

EERS takes pride in encouraging diversity and in annual conference participation. New for 2020 was our nonprofit evaluator support stipend program, added alongside our longstanding offering of stipends and subsidized fees for students in evaluation-related degree programs.

You can help support these efforts, by making a tax-deductible donation securely through PayPal or with a credit card. Proceeds will go to defer costs for students and first-time EERS attendees employed by under-resourced nonprofits. Click the button below to make a one-time $10 donation and thank you for supporting evaluator diversity!

Conference Sponsorship

The EERS annual conference has enjoyed gracious financial support from sponsors related to the evaluation industry. Consider being involved in the conference as a supporter of EERS. Click here for more information.

Technology Support

Presentation hardware (computers and projectors) and technical support will be provided for the EERS conference. Please review the specific guidance for presenters and attendees provided here in advance of the conference.