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2012 EERS Conference

The Eastern Evaluation Research Society (EERS), a local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association, has been serving evaluators in the northeast region for over thirty years. EERS is held the 35th Annual Conference at the Seaview Resort and Spa in Absecon, New Jersey on April 29-May 1, 2012. The conference theme for 2012 was Evaluation in a Complex World: Balancing Theory and Practice.

The EERS annual conference is designed to (a) provide a forum for learning, networking, and sharing expertise in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, (b) provide opportunities for learning new skills at multiple levels, (c) nurture new evaluators and inspire seasoned evaluators, and (d) facilitate cross displinary discussions about evaluation in both formal and informal contexts. This year's conference provided a range of sessions that promoted interaction and exchange of ideas, while providing opportunities for skill-building along with presentations by speakers.

In keeping up with our reputation of offering a high-quality conference that challenges participants with new ideas and provides opportunities to develop new skills, the 2012 conference included a great group of keynote speakers and workshops.


Conference Activities

The 2012 EERS conference registration fee included a wide range of events:

  • Sunday evening dessert reception
  • Monday continental breakfast
  • Monday keynote luncheon
  • Monday evening networking reception
  • Tuesday full breakfast buffet
  • Tuesday buffet luncheon
  • Snacks and beverages during conference breaks


Plenary Speakers


Pre-Conference Workshops

The EERS conference provides opportunities for evaluators to gain hands-on skills. The 2012 conference offered two pre-conference workshops, held on Sunday, April 29, before the evening dessert reception. The workshop registration fee was $60. Attendees were able to register for workshops online when registering for the conference. This year's pre-conference workshops included:


Invited Author Awardees

The EERS Invited Author Award is a special academic honor that recognizes exceptional scholarship by recently-published authors in the field of program evaluation. In 2012 we welcomed three Invited Author Awardees:

  • S. Marshall Perry
  • Tanner LeBaron Wallace
  • Di Xu


Conference Host Hotel

The conference was held at its traditional venue, the Seaview Resort and Spa in Absecon, New Jersey. For more information relating to the Seaview, contact Susan Robbins (


Conference Program and Presentations

This year's conference featured plenary speakers, invited authors, graduate students, and a variety of individual sessions, panels, and skill-building sessions. A copy of the conference program is available for downloading in the list of attachments below, as are PDF versions of presentation materials provided by speakers (in conference program order by lead presenter from the program). Details of the workshop training sessions are provided at the bottom of this page.

EERS 2012 Conference Program1.07 MB
Grob et al. - EERS 2012 Opening Plenary Panel708.8 KB
Cole et al. - Converting Partial Hospital Day Programs to Community Integrated Recovery Centers I95.02 KB
Cole et al. - Converting Partial Hospital Day Programs to Community Integrated Recovery Centers II1.13 MB
Cole et al. - Converting Partial Hospital Day Programs to Community Integrated Recovery Centers III281.14 KB
Durland - The Role of Sociograms in Social Network Analysis1.77 MB
Bonfanti et al. - Ride for Health: An Innovative Program, An Innovative Benefit Cost Analysis659.98 KB
Kaplan et al. - Evaluating a Multi-Component Intervention Promoting Physical Activity in Schools591.7 KB
Mitchell & Finch - The Application of Frieden's Public Health Pyramid4.96 MB
Greene - Theory and Practice: Partners or Partisans?227.35 KB
Hopson et al. - Decolonizing Evaluation in a Complex World304.81 KB
Taub et al. - Using Evaluation to Inform Practice in a Youth Services Program1.08 MB
Stone & Tang - Preparing Propensity Scoring Methods758.58 KB
Engleman & McKlin - Selecting Parsimonious Statistical Models in Evaluation1.73 MB
Cain - Evaluating Value: Challenges, Concerns and Critiques2.75 MB
Colon-Burgos - Disparities and Barriers Encountered by Immigrant Mothers1.84 MB
Winters - The Land of ALICE847.75 KB
Valado - Improving Technical Assistance611.92 KB
Lamb & Antiwi-Donkor - Successfully Developing Capcity for Evidence Informed Practices213.89 KB
Phillips - What About the Volunteers?10.52 MB
Hiley & Vitale - Integrating Evaluation into Non-Profit Organizational Development1.05 MB
Kaplan et al. - Reflections on the Challenges and Benefits of an Internal Evaluation Department220.4 KB
Herrmann - The Role of Evaluation in the Development of Educational Resources1.05 MB
Chelimsky - Balancing Theory and Practice in the Real World124.29 KB
Smith - Distinctions Between Project and Program Evaluation in the Federal Context63.99 KB
Seabrook & Noga - Balancing Theory and Practice by Stepping Outside the Box643.46 KB
Hamilton & Feldman - So you think you want to use a randomized design...1.15 MB
Appel-Newby - Capturing Outcomes for Low-Income Populations279.83 KB
Julnes - Informing Public Policies on Valuation in the Public Interest50.99 KB
Baum - Potential Impact in the Timing of Response to Web-Based Survey on Evaluations929.41 KB
Pekarik et al. - Formative Evaluation of Exhibitions1.29 MB
Porter - Getting What You Came For741.53 KB
Hopson - Closing Plenary Session679.74 KB