Sun, 04/27/2014 to Tue, 04/29/2014

2014 EERS Conference

The 37th Annual EERS Conference at the Seaview Resort and Spa is over and was a big success. This year’s conference theme, Managing the Tension between Rigor and Resources, resonated with professional and student evaluators representing a wide range of disciplines across the northeastern states.

Conference Program and Presentations

The 2014 EERS conference program is available for download here or through the link provided in the Conference Materials list at the bottom of this page. Session presentations are also being made available for download below, in the order in which they appear in the program, as they become available.

EERS Conference Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations whose support helps to make the Eastern Evaluation Research Society annual conference possible!



Plenary Speakers

The 2014 conference featured a distinguished group of keynote and plenary speakers, in addition to continuation of the EERS Invited Authors Program and pre-conference workshops tailored to evaluation professionals.


The Eleanor Chelimsky Forum

In its 2nd year, this annual event examined the juxtaposition of evaluation theory and practice, with activities sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).  The 2014 Forum’s Plenary Presentation was delivered by Debra Rog, Associate Director at Westat and past president of American Evaluation Association (AEA), followed by an open dialogue with conference participants.

Deb Rog's follow-up webinar is also available online. This webinar extends Dr. Rog's 2014 Forum plenary presentation in an online format developed and presented in cooperation with the AEA, and with support from RWJF.

Details of the 2013 Chelimsky Forum are still available for review, including links to videos of forum content on the EERS YouTube channel.

Pre-Conference Workshops

EERS has a long history of providing popular evaluation practitioner workshops immediately prior to the formal opening of the annual conference. This year's pre-conference trainings are listed below, with links to additional information about sessions and presenters.

Conference Materials

Conference materials and presentations are provided below, in conference program order. Presenters - if your materials are not included below but should be, please contact Kirk Knestis.

2014 EERS Conference Announcement and Registration160.63 KB
Final 2014 EERS Conference Program1.33 MB
Willson - WORKSHOP Cognitive Interviewing768.08 KB
Burgermaster et al. - A Mixed Methods Comparative Case Study of Successful Evaluation Capacity Building2.35 MB
Heeg - Surveys in the Sahel: Overcoming Challenges and Building Capacities in Chad734.63 KB
Walker & Inoa - Building Evaluation Capacity in Tamil Nadu, India: A Case Study442.98 KB
Kelley et al. - The Search for Gleipnar: An Odyssey Seeking the Proper Statistical Tool1.44 MB
Reitano & Jubilee - Techniques and Ideas to Help Overcome Resource Limitations636.74 KB
Castillo et al. - PANEL A Neighborhood Survey in the Nation's Capital: Balancing Rogir, Resources, & Respect1.6 MB
Knestis - A New Model for Logic Mapping1.6 MB
Mohan - Managing the Politics of Evaluation without Taking Sides3.68 MB
Henry - When Getting It Right Matters: Rigor and Relevance in Evaluation893.47 KB
Shephard - A Method to Address the Challenges of Foundation Portfolio Evaluations2.68 MB
Archibald - Rigor Reconsidered: The Epistemological Politics of Randomized Controlled Trials and Evidence-Based Programs1.41 MB
Pirozzi - When the Pursuit of Perfection Obscures the Big Picture456.89 KB
Reid & Newell - Using Remote Site Visits to Address Resource Constraints and Preserve Rigor314.58 KB
Reeves et al. - Maximizing Efficiency While Minimizing Burden721.3 KB
Quill - Write to the Point: Effective Writing for Evaluators1.29 MB
Burton - Statistical Analysis in Excel Using Formulas & Functions and the Data Analysis Add-In1.05 MB
Guedenet - Popup Surveys: A Low-cost, Flexible Tool for Evaluation489.03 KB
Hall - Moving Beyond Paper & Pencil: Reflections on Use of a Computer Adaptive Assessment710.61 KB
Swann-Jackson et al. - Using Social Media to Enhance Evaluation & Reach of a Resource-Limited Initiative2.31 MB
Scott et al. - STUDENT PANEL: Fundamental Issues in Evaluation743.46 KB
Kaimal & Blank - Evaluation as a Doorway to Data-driven Research in Under-resourced Fields427.96 KB
James - Lessons Learned from Evaluating Technology-Based Products in a Small Business Environment856.67 KB
Hamilton - Obtaining Federal Grant Funding: Understanding the Beast392.47 KB
Grob - Connecting Evaluators and Public Policy Makers786.92 KB
Tsin & Fujs - Balancing Rigor and Resources in a Nonprofit Organziation: The Case for Performance Management899.83 KB
Knestis - Business and Project Management Strategies to Balance Rigor and Resources1.22 MB
Hadley - Applying Best Practices from Operations Management to Program Evaluation1.57 MB
Herman et al. - Evaluating a Minority College Student Program to Increase Diversity in Information Sciences985.52 KB
Fan et al. - Are our Students on Track? Documenting Undergraduate Persistence and Graduation753.77 KB
Goldberg et al. - Deep in the Heart of Texas: Maximizing Rigor and Resources in Real World Evaluation849.67 KB
Durland - Social Network Analysis: Identifying the Tension Points between Resources and Rigor3.98 MB
Souid - Considerations when Choosing Inquiry Methods: Recommendations from Theory346.7 KB
Chen - Proper Questions to Address: A Fundamental Issue for Evaluation of Education and Social Programs769.26 KB
Shanadi - Evaluating the Impact of Bereavement Camps on Children: Balancing Ethics, Rigor, and Response Rates1.59 MB
Stone - Propensity Score Applications in Program Evaluation672.15 KB
Nightingale - Building and Using Evidence to Improve Federal Policies and Programs1.25 MB