Sun, 04/26/2015 to Tue, 04/28/2015

The 38th Annual EERS Conference was convened April 26-28, 2015, returning to its traditional home at the Seaview Resort and Spa in Galloway, NJ. This year’s conference theme was Let’s Get Real: Evaluation Challenges and Solutions, inviting participates to reflect on the evaluation challenges they face. The conference offered professional evaluators, academics, students, and evaluation consumers a friendly forum to discuss challenges and the strategies they have used (or would use if faced again) to overcome them or mitigate their effects.

Warning - Journal Scam

It has come to our attention that 2015 EERS conference presenters are being targeted by emails soliciting submissions to the Journal of Modern Education Review. Please note that, not only is this "publication" not affiliated with EERS, it appears to be an offshore money-making scam rather than a reputable, peer-reviewed journal (e.g., submissions must be accompanied by a "processing fee").

EERS Conference Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations whose support helped make the 2105 EERS conference possible!





EERS invites organizations interested in partnering as a conference sponsor to contact Tom Archibald by email. In addition to supporting the practice of evaluation in the northeastern U.S., your company will benefit from exposure to a select group of evaluation professionals on this site and in the conference program. See previous years' conferences for examples.

Technology and Social Media for the EERS Conference

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Technology hardware and support is provided for the EERS conference. Please review the specific information provided for conference presenters and conference attendees.

Support EERS Conference Student Participation

EERS takes pride in encouraging the next generation of evaluators by supporting students whose presentation proposals are accepted with stipends, and free or subsidized meal and conference registration fees exceeding $4000 annually. You can now make tax-deductable donations securely through PayPal or with a credit card, with all proceeds going to support costs for student participants. Click the button below to make a one-time $10 donation and thank you for supporting our students!

International Year of Evaluation

2015 has been designated the International Year of Evaluation, intended to advocate and promote evaluation and evidence-based policy making at international, regional, national and local levels. Proposers of sessions for the EERS conference were asked to consider aligning their content with this initiative.


The 2015 conference continues its long history of exceptional presenters, featuring a distinguished group of speakers in addition to continuation of the EERS Invited Authors Program and pre-conference workshops tailored to evaluation professionals. Key guests for this conference included the following:

  • Lisbeth Schorr (Keynote Speaker) - Senior Fellow of the Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • Tom Cook (Plenary) - Professor of Sociology, Psychology, and Education and Social Policy; Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research
  • Stewart Donaldson (Plenary) - Dean of the School of Social Science, Policy & Evaluation (SSSPE) and the School of Community & Global Health (SCGH) at Claremont University


The Eleanor Chelimsky Forum

In its 3rd year for the 2015 conference, the Chelimsky Forum on Evaluation Theory and Practice focuses on e conference theme through the eyes of selected luminaries from the evaluation field. Supported again by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the 2015 Forum’s Plenary Presentation will be delivered by Abe Wandersman. Mary Dixon-Woods served as discussant, facilitating an open dialogue with conference participants.

Pre-Conference Workshops

EERS has a long history of providing popular evaluation practitioner workshops immediately prior to the formal opening of the annual conference. This year's pre-conference trainings are listed at the bottom of this page, with links to additional information about sessions and presenters.

Five Reasons to Attend an EERS Annual Conference

1. Networking: Share expertise, learn and network in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.
2. Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue: Interact with evaluators and users of evaluation from a broad spectrum of disciplines and organizations.
3. Professional Development: Gain knowledge and learn new skills. Workshops and skill sessions, at various levels, are an integral part of our conference.
4. Inspiration: Feel nurtured and inspired, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional.
5. National Experts: Rub elbows with national evaluation experts.

Conference Materials

Conference materials and presentations are provided below. Referencing the conference program, these resources are listed in the order in which the presentations occurred.

Schedule At A Glance164.02 KB
Print-and-Send Registration Form217.07 KB
2015 Conference Program Summary444.75 KB
2015 Full Conference Program2.23 MB
CHELIMSKY FORUM - Wandersman - Achieving Outcomes in a Specific Project998 KB
Wandersman - Forum Handouts355.99 KB
Kirkhart & Palmer - Evaluation Influence998.44 KB
INVITED AUTHOR - Biddle - Axiology & Anomoly in the Practce of Mixed Methods Work585.56 KB
Smith - Application of Action Design Research218.01 KB
Wade - Challenges in Juvenile Studies1.31 MB
Herard - Using Creating Communication Strategies559.1 KB
Shaffer & Wagner - Balacing Participatory Evaluation Against Contextual Challenges404.74 KB
Puca - Meeting Stakeholders Where They Are3.25 MB
Hayman, Stewart, & Knestis - Challenges of and Solutions for Sustainability323.32 KB
IGNITE! - Hamilton - Rapid Cycle Evaluation in a Rapid Cycle Presentation914.87 KB
IGNITE! - Archibald - Evaluation Capacity Building3.52 MB
IGNITE! - Fabian - Healthcare Quality Improvement1.07 MB
IGNITE! - Bernstein - Some Quick and not so Random Thoughts1.28 MB
IGNITE! - Gillard - It Shouldn't Feel Like School7.23 MB
IGNITE! - Ittig - Meaningful Ways to Include Studetns in Comunity-Based Evaluation499.59 KB
IGNITE! - Castillo - How a Single Data Point can Change a Community1.4 MB
KEYNOTE - Schorr - Handouts287.59 KB
Hovmund & Kelley - Crossing the Delta951.79 KB
Illnick et al. - Evaluation Research: Preparation, Protocols, & Process2.06 MB
Rodriguez-Stein & Moreken - Simple Solutions to a Complex Problem1.22 MB
Stevens & Arredondo-Santisteban - Challenges in Evaluating Civil Legal Aid857.39 KB
Hall - Enhancing Non-Profit Evaluation Capacity & Expertise850.66 KB
Tsin & Sloan - Creating Buy-in with Internal Stakeholders1.9 MB
Knestis - Evaluation Business & Project Management Tactics & Tools1.24 MB
Knestis - Skillbuilder Materials Notes78.91 KB
Knestis - Proposal Staffing Budget Template49.5 KB
Knestis - Study Protocol Template44.5 KB
Knestis - Scope of Work Template67.5 KB
Knestis - Project Task Tracker73 KB
Knestis - Project Task Tracker Notes41 KB
Knestis - Project Staffing Projection Calculator69 KB
Knestis - Project Overview Tool58 KB
Knestis - Project Control Document Template139.5 KB
Ackerman, Castillo, & Hamilton - Evaluation Bloopers1.43 MB
Mitchell, Lewis, & Mabur - Amplifying the Voices of All2.56 MB
Winters, et al. - Alleviating Burden1.63 MB
Dievler & Fisher - Instituting an Internal Evaluation Office in a Federal Health Agency1.76 MB
Rizor - Evaluation Data Plans2.81 MB
Dibner & Butler - Managing Expectations & Gathering Data with Multiple Stakeholders141.33 KB
Tetreault - Lessons Learned from Evaluating a Multicultural Health Event1.95 MB
INVITED AUTHOR - Aponte-Soto - Championing Culturally Responsive Leadership for Evaluation Practice2.08 MB
Fan, Pan, & Ackerman - Create a Data Visualization Cookbook Using Excel2.65 MB
Fan Workshop Exercise (Excel 97-2003)138.5 KB
Agyeman - Holistic Approaches to the Evaluation of National Investments in R&D685.37 KB
PLENARY - Cook - How Bigger Data Might Affect Policy About Impact Evaluations605.55 KB
PLENARY - Donaldson - Formidable Challenges and Promising Opportunities for a Global Evaluation Practice2.39 MB
Mitchell - Measuring Health & Healthcare through the Triple Aim2.64 MB
Shrestha, Xie, & May - Regression Discontinuity Design Study500.56 KB
Wandersman - Getting to Outcomes1.31 MB
Grob - President Obama's Policies to Improve the Use of Evaluation321.84 KB
Hart - Looking Forward to the Future of Federal Evaluation Efforts459.2 KB
Bernstein - Challenges and Solutions to Conducting High Quality Contract Evaluations427.71 KB
Nagle - Excel Add-Ins3.32 MB
Archibald et al. - Getting Real about Evaluation3.61 MB
Sood - A Framework for Evaluating General Operating Support1.53 MB
Valado - Evaluating Training & Technical Assistance1.54 MB
Hart & Long - Take Surveys, Not Selfies!935.02 KB
Pate - Measure Long-term Education Outcomes in Just 5 Years?974.24 KB
Pinar Ardic Alper & Pirozzi - Keeping it Real1.28 MB
McEathron - Practical, Useful Systems Thinking for Evaluation Practice7.3 MB
McEathron - Handouts221.33 KB
Reider et al. - Insights Gained from Three Preschool STEM Evaluations301.77 KB
Reider & Lewis Presser - Evaluating the Development & Testing of NGPM4.51 MB
Vidiksis et al. - Evaluating Recruitment & Attrition Challenges in the RTL Project630.19 KB
Jo et al. - Evaluating Evaluator-Client Relationships in the PreK STEM Project484.49 KB
Sersion - Non-parametric Analysis Punctuates Success in an Early Childhood Reading Program Evaluation1.47 MB
Barber & Dean - Not Another Survey!775.96 KB
Mohan & Grob - Join the Conversation About Evaluation Advocacy941.61 KB