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2016 Conference Program

The final 2016 EERS conference program is avialable for download. Attendees received a program booklet at registration but the  details of all presentations and other activities are available for download via the link in the Conference Materials menu at the bottom of this page.


The 39th Annual Conference of the Eastern Evaluation Research Society returned this year to its longtime home at the Seaview Resort and Spa in Galloway, NJ. The conference theme was Improving Outcomes, Building Knowledge: Finding What Works, as EERS continued its tradition of providing professional evaluators, academics, students, and evaluation consumers an informal, collegial forum to discuss issues and methods pertinent to their various fields. An agenda is available in the announcement downloadable from the menu of resources at the bottom of this page.

The 2016 conference cost $275.00 for those registered by March 31 (the "early bird" rate) and $325.00 afterwards. As always, EERS offered students a discounted rate - $85.00 for the entire conference. Preconference workshops cost an additionl $75.00.


EERS Conference Sponsors

Thank you to the following organizations for their support of the 2016 EERS conference!




Support EERS Conference Student Participation

EERS takes pride in encouraging the next generation of evaluators by supporting students whose presentation proposals are accepted with stipends, and free or subsidized meal and conference registration fees exceeding $4000 annually. You can make tax-deductable donations securely through PayPal or with a credit card, with all proceeds going to support costs for student participants. Click the button below to make a one-time $10 donation and thank you for supporting our students!


The 2016 conference continued its long history of exceptional presenters, featuring a distinguished group of speakers in addition to the EERS Invited Authors Program and pre-conference workshops for evaluation professionals. Guests for this conference include the following:

  • John Gargani (Keynote Speaker) - President, Gargani + Company; new AEA President
  • Katrina Bledsoe (Plenary Speaker) - Senior Research Director, DeBruce Foundation; Founding Director and Senior Research Director, ThinkShift
  • Tony Foleno (Plenary Speaker) - Senior Vice President Research, Planning and Evaluation, The Advertising Council


The Eleanor Chelimsky Forum

In its 4th year for the 2016 conference, the Chelimsky Forum on Evaluation Theory and Practice focused on a theme through the eyes of selected luminaries from the evaluation field. Supported again by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this spring's Forum Plenary Presentation featured Stafford Hood, Director of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment. The role of Forum Discussant was served by Nicole Bowman, President and founder of Bowman Performance Consulting.


Pre-Conference Workshops

EERS has a long history of providing popular evaluation practitioner workshops immediately prior to the formal opening of the annual conference. The 2016 pre-conference trainings are listed at the bottom of this page, with links to additional information about sessions and presenters.


Technology and Social Media for the EERS Conference

This year's EERS conference was tweeted at #EERS16

Technology hardware and support were provided for the EERS conference, with specific guidance provided for conference presenters and conference attendees.


Conference Materials

Conference materials, including session presentations, are available below. Some presentation materials have been omitted due to restrictions imposed by funders or the need to protect evaluation participants' confidentiality.

2016 EERS Call for Proposals150.35 KB
2016 EERS Call for Student Proposals27.96 KB
2016 EERS Announcement and Mail-in Registration Rev 0321595.88 KB
2016 EERS Conference Program Rev 04282.73 MB
Hood - Chelimsky Forum On Evaluation Theory and Practice2.45 MB
Bowman - Chelimsky Forum Discussant Response1.74 MB
Anyanwu & Carrington - Importance of Implementing Data & Accountability Feedback Loops1.64 MB
Mandel & Salazar - Constituent Voice: Searching for Useful Participant Feedback1.64 MB
Kirkhart - Privilege & Validity in Defining "What Works"256.68 KB
Burkander et al. - Building Knowledge about What Works351.34 KB
Burkander et al. Handout1.39 MB
Chen et al. - Unpacking R for Evaluators1.29 MB
Hardy - Navigating the Accreditation Landscape497.92 KB
Ziobrowski - Antecedents to Outcomes438.35 KB
Fiorenza - Case study: Using Rubrics to Assess Student Learning in Higher Education878.39 KB
Merola - Moving from Big to Small75.02 KB
Von Hendy - What Drives a Successful Transition to Independent Evaluation Consulting?552.38 KB
Pate - Similarities & Differences Between Research in Non-profit Settings & Independent Consulting161.8 KB
Glymph et al. - Serving Multiple Masters458.58 KB
Villamil - Gender Sensitizing Design1.52 MB
STUDENT AWARD: Kirova - Evaluating High Stakes Policy Implementation311.65 KB
Smith - Sensing Value159.61 KB
Fabian - Is Healthcare Legislation Driving Quality Improvements?201.95 KB
How Has the Increase in What Works Clearinghouse Submissions Affected our Work?532.24 KB
Grim - Crossing the Communication Chasm629.11 KB
Lysy - Creative Segues1.79 MB
Mohan - Speaking the Language of Sponsors & Stakeholders929.94 KB
Bowman & Cram - Culturally Responsive Indigenous Evaluation Presentation2.41 MB
Bowman & Cram - Culturally Responsive Indigenous Evaluation Handout1.07 MB
Hart - Determinants of Evaluation Supply at the US EPA593.53 KB
Robles - Capacity Building in One Federal Agency2.45 MB
INVITED AUTHOR: Owczarzak270.59 KB
Archibald - Complexity-Aware Monitoring & Evaluation3.51 MB
Resch - Helping Schools Learn What Works: Tools for Rapid Cycle Evaluation446.78 KB
Satkowski - Obtaining Parental Consent for Educational Research274.18 KB
STUDENT AWARD: Xie & Wang - Assessment of the Impact of Monetary Incentives on SNAP Customers1.12 MB
STUDENT AWARD: Isselhard & Lambrecht - A Comprehensive Evaluation of a 5-Year IGERT Grant943.62 KB
Matano & Scheibler - Adapt or Die: Survival Skills for Independent Evaluators1.44 MB
PANEL: Fujs et al. - Evaluating your Evaluation3.85 MB
Francisco - Benchmarks for Success in Implementing Community Health Collaborations1.04 MB
Nelson - Rapid Cycle Evaluation765.99 KB
Parsons - Evaluation of Complex Systems1.63 MB
PLENARY: Bledsoe - Innovation in Evaluation in the 21st Century951.67 KB
Mitchell - Utilizing a Polling Focus Group Methodology772.06 KB
Tetreault - How Strategic Partner Engagement Improved Outcomes of a Formative Evaluation on Breastfeeding1004.5 KB
PANEL: Parsons et al. - Finding What Matters in Complex Social Systems3.07 MB
Derr & McCay - Evidence-based Technical Assistance1.34 MB
Gorga - Bringing Maps to Life83.8 KB
Riley & Karakus - Required Skill Set for Successful Evaluators112.81 KB
Milfort - Challenges and Lessons Learned from Evaluations with Field Data Collection428.72 KB
Henderson et al. - Lessons Learned from an Adaptive Evaluation of Permanent Supportive Housing668.69 KB
Marrow - The Data are Bad, but That's Good443.99 KB
Melino & Frechtling - Evaluating Institutional Change1.58 MB
Bayne - Evidence-based Toolkits to Disseminate Successful Rural Community Health Programs994.92 KB
Dailey - Increasing Access to Higher Education431.73 KB
Amoa - Results-based Accountability 101821 KB
Knestis - An Integrated R&D and Evaluation Approach for Grant-funded Education Projects538.98 KB
Knestis - Skill Builder Handout128.34 KB
Knestis - Evaluating NSF ATE Program Research & Development386.57 KB
PANEL: Carrington et al. - Engaging and Equipping Community Residents for Action through Evaluation2.55 MB
Brown & Carrington - A Participatory Approach to Building Capacity among Non-evaluation Experts982.86 KB
Trahan et al. - Defending the Data1.72 MB
KEYNOTE: Foleno - Marketing & Social Change (& How you Measure It2.06 MB