Historically, presentations by prominent evaluation and research professionals have been an important feature of EERS Conferences. Plenary speakers often find the welcoming, intimate environment characterized by the Seaview to be a refreshing change from larger convention-style conferences. The opportunity to interact informally during the conference has been cited as a real plus by speakers and attendees, especially evaluators who are relatively new to the field. A list of recent EERS Conference plenary speakers includes some true luminaries in the field:.


  • Gary Henry, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Education, Vanderbilt University
  • Demetra Nightingale, Chief Evaluation Officer, U. S. Department of Labor
  • Beverly Parsons, InSites Executive Director, and 2014 AEA President



  • Jody Fitzpatrick, Associate Professor, University of Colorado School of Public Affairs and 2013 AEA President
  • Susan Fuhrman, President, Columbia University Teachers College
  • Rakesh Mohan, Director, Office of Performance and Evaluation, Idaho State Legislature



  • Eleanor Chelimsky, former Director of Program Evaluation & Methodology, U. S. Government Accountability Office, and former AEA President
  • Jennifer Greene, Professor, University of Illinois and 2011 AEA President
  • Rodney Hopson, Professor, Duquesne University and 2012 AEA President



  • Howard Bloom, Chief Social Scientist, Manpower Development Research Corporation
  • Melvin Mark, Professor, Pennsylvania State University, and former AEA President
  • Michael Morris, Professor, University of New Haven



  • Leslie Cooksy, Professor, University of Delaware, and 2010 AEA President
  • Tom Kelly, Evaluation Director, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Susan Kistler, AEA Executive Director



  • Debra Rog, Associate Director, Westat, and 2009 AEA President
  • Kathryn Newcomer, Director, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University
  • Jonathan Ortmans, President, Public Forum Institute



  • Thomas Chapel, Senior Health Scientist, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Eleanor Leviton, Special Advisor for Evaluation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Heather Weiss, Director, Harvard Family Education Project, Harvard University



  • George Grob, President, Center for Public Program Evaluation
  • Michael Scriven, Professor, Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University
  • William Trochim, Professor, Cornell University