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Skill Building sessions should be focused on demonstrating and/or teaching specific practical evaluation methods or professional skills. They are similar to workshops and should have specific learning objectives. Skill building sessions should provide attendees with opportunities to practice new skills through carefully planned exercises or demonstrations. They are not intended for presenting the results of a project or paper.

Titles are limited by the submission system to 110 characters. Do not exceed this number.
The name, title, and affiliation of each presenter (as you would like them to appear in the printed program)
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An abstract, not to exceed 300 words, that details the form and content of the proposed skill-building session and the benefits it will offer for a diverse audience of practicing evaluators and consumers of evaluation from a wide variety of fields. Be specific about learning objectives. Do not identify yourself in this text.
A one-sentence synopsis of your session (which must be different from the title of the session). This will be printed verbatim in our conference program, if your presentation is accepted. Please proofread this sentence closely. In addition, make sure that it is clear, accurate, and understandable to a diverse evaluation audience and accurately reflects what you will be presenting.
A short bio, not to exceed 75 words, for each leader. This information will be printed verbatim in the conference packet, if your presentation is accepted. Please proofread this text closely. It is important to include information about your areas of evaluation expertise, the breadth of your experience in evaluation and evaluation research, and relevant publications.

By submitting a proposal, you indicate your agreement to the following:
• All presenters of accepted proposals will register for the conference and will present as scheduled. (There is no discount or waiver of the registration fee for presenters, and no refunds of the registration fee.)
• The designated contact person will contact all presenters to notify them of the status of the proposal. For accepted proposals, the designated contact person will notify all presenters of the necessity of registering for the conference (see the paragraph above).
• Presenters consent to be photographed and have their photographs displayed on the EERS website.
• Changes to the content of the proposal or the listed presenters can be made only with approval by EERS. Failure to register or appear for your presentation constitutes a breach of professional trust and will harm your chances of participating in future EERS conferences and events.

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