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Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in at least two courses per semester during the 2017-2018 academic year are eligible to submit proposals on evaluation methods and/or findings of projects for which they have had substantial responsibility and involvement.

The top three proposals submitted will be chosen as 30-minute oral presentations to be integrated into full 90-minute concurrent sessions. These sessions will allow 20 minutes for each presenter and 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Each individual proposer selected for a concurrent session will receive a $400 stipend. Please note that while other individuals may contribute to a session, only the individual proposer will receive a stipend. A proposer may share their stipend among other contributors.

A small set of remaining proposals will also be chosen to present during a special student poster session held during the main conference reception on Monday night, a highlight of the conference. This provides students with the opportunity to discuss evaluation methods and/or findings in a less formal setting. Students selected for poster presentations - again, individual proposers only - will receive a $100 stipend to attend the conference.

All students accepted to present, for either concurrent or reception poster sessions, will have their conference attendance fee waived. Plenary session meals will also be provided to these student participants compliments of EERS. Hotel accommodations are not covered for presenters. Presenters should contact the conference hotel to make reservations.

Titles are limited by the submission system to 110 characters. Do not exceed this number.
The name, title, and affiliation of each presenter (as you would like them to appear in the printed program)
Contact information of the designated contact person [Note: please double check the accuracy of the e-mail address, as incorrect information means that we will not be able to contact you with the results of the review process].

Selection of the appropriate categories from the following two lists will help the program committee create cohesive groupings of presentations for concurrent sessions. Select all that apply for each.

An abstract, not to exceed 300 words, that details the evaluation topic, how the topic relates to the conference theme, project background and goals, methods, results, conclusions and implications. Do not identify yourself in this text. Also, if accepted, you will be expected to provide a presentation that closely reflects what you have proposed. Significant changes to your content will not be acceptable.
A one-sentence synopsis of your presentation (which must be different from the title of the presentation). This will be printed verbatim in our conference program, if your presentation is accepted. Please proofread this sentence closely. In addition, make sure that it is clear, accurate, and understandable to a diverse evaluation audience and represents what you will be presenting.
A short bio, not to exceed 75 words, of your experience relevant to your proposed presentation. This information will be printed verbatim in the conference packet, if your presentation is accepted. Please proofread this text closely.

Assurances and Agreements

These opportunities are provided to encourage students to participate at a professional conference and to present their work as developing evaluators. By submitting a proposal, you assure EERS that:

• You are an undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in at least two courses per semester during the 2017-2018 academic year.
• You had substantial responsibility for, and involvement in, the content of the proposed presentation.
• You understand that, in addition to any stipend, each accepted proposer's conference registration fee will be waived; plenary luncheons to be included at no cost.
• You understand that hotel accommodations are NOT covered by the award, and that you will be responsible for making the necessary reservations.
• You will attend the entire conference, as this opportunity is designed to supplement your learning through conference participation.
• You agree that failure to adhere to all of these assurances will result in forfeiture of any stipend.

By submitting a proposal, you further agree that:
• All presenters of accepted proposals will register for the conference and will present as scheduled.
• Presenters consent to be photographed and have their photographs displayed on the EERS website.
• Changes to the proposal content, title, or presenters will be made only with the approval of EERS.
• Failure to register or appear for your presentation constitutes a breach of professional trust and will harm your chances of participating in future EERS conferences and events.

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