April 30, 2018

Building Evaluation Capacity through the Partnerships for Advancing Character Program Evaluation Project 345pm  -  515pm Building Evaluation Capacity through the Partnerships for Advancing Character Program Evaluation Project Eisenhower Room

Building Evaluation Capacity through the Partnerships for Advancing Character Program Evaluation Project

Though youth character education programs are internationally popular, a lack of formal evaluation compounded by limited time, funding, evaluation knowledge and capacity makes their impact unclear. The PACE Project offers an innovative solution through evaluation capacity building matching 8 evaluators and 32 program staff from across the country through a multi-faceted year-long program. PACE prepares program staff to immediately assess and improve their programs, as evaluators develop capacity-building and methodological techniques incorporating the Systems Evaluation Protocol, Evolutionary Evaluation, Evaluative Thinking, and Person-Centered Analyses. This panel shares participant perspectives with strategies for partnerships and applicable ideas for evaluation capacity building.

Setting the “PACE” in Youth Character Development: A Project Overview

Jennifer Brown Urban, PACE Project Lead, Montclair State University

Monica Hargraves, Associate Director for Evaluation Partnerships in the Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation.

Jane Buckley, Evaluation Capacity Consultant, JCB Consulting

Satabdi Samtani, Post-Doctoral Fellow, PACE Project, Montclair State University

Lisa M. Chauveron, Doctoral candidate, Montclair University, Evaluation Consultant

Claire Hebbard, Office Manager, Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation.

Thomas Archibald, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education at Virginia Tech

Miriam R. Linver, Professor of Family Science & Human Development, Co-Director Research on Youth Thriving and Evaluation Institute at Montclair State University

By matching local evaluators and programs, PACE fosters true partnerships between local evaluators and program staff in the first ECB effort of its kind; Come learn about it!

Making Change on-the-Ground: The Program Professionals’ Perspective

Heather Kamia, Program Director, Metro Youth and Family Services, Lutheran Social Service

Lolyann Connor, Manager of Organizational Quality and Evaluation, Lutheran Social Service

Marc Maddy, Director of Evaluation and Quality Assurance, JusticeWorks Youth Care

Chelsee Bower, Quality Assurance Specialist, JusticeWorks Youth Care

To create change in youth character programs, this presentation shares the challenges, successes and lessons learned from diverse youth character programs located across the country.

Promoting Evaluative Change: The Evaluation Capacity Builders’ Perspective

Michelle Molina, Evaluation Associate, Keene Insights

Michelle Sloper, Senior Evaluation Associate, Claremont Evaluation Center

Shira Solomon, Principal Evaluator, Solomon Evaluation

This presentation will discuss how using a cutting-edge approach, PACE’s ECB framework guided evaluators and their program partners through a discovery process that culminated in inclusive, sustainable, real-world evaluative plans.

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