May 5, 2019

Practical Power Analysis 300pm  -  600pm Practical Power Analysis TBD

Practical Power Analysis

Power Analysis is increasingly required by funding agencies in evaluation proposals. The reason for this is important: under powered studies are at risk of producing inconclusive results and ceding publication attention to possibly unreliable findings. However, power analysis is typically not a major topic area in many graduate programs, which leads to a disconnect between graduate training and professional practice.

  • This workshop seeks to introduce participants to the broad strokes of power analysis, focusing on what most evaluations include: a contrast between two treatment groups. Rather than tour through a particular software program, this workshop covers the major conceptual foundations that support all the available tools:
  • Finding power using the null and alternative distributions
  • Noncentrally parameters
  • Formulas for power, sample size, and minimum detectable effects
  • How covariates influence power
  • Multilevel/multifactor ANOVA models as extensions to two-group contrasts

The presentation materials (available for preview at include widgets (apps) that allow participants to calculate power interactively to reinforce the conceptual presentation.

Fee: $80

Session Category :  Pre-conference Workshops