April 29, 2018

Doing the Right Thing: Community Engagement and Empowerment 300pm  -  600pm Doing the Right Thing: Community Engagement and Empowerment Salon A

Doing the Right Thing: Community Engagement and Empowerment

Evaluators are motivated individually and professionally to do the right thing. We want to make sure every voice is heard and that we tell a story that is true and empowering. Our traditional tools such as focus groups and interviews have limitations and often require the evaluator to choose between breadth and depth.

We believe we can have it all! From quantitative techniques with 100+ people, to intimate conversations with photovoice photographers, we will share our strategies, tools, and experiences engaging participants as authentic partners.

Using our collective experience working with a variety of populations from low-income adults and youth, immigrants and refugees, veterans, people with intellectual disabilities, students, and state government, we will also explore how the evaluator navigates the social, cultural and economic dynamics during data collection.

In addition, we will introduce some innovative tools that we use in our evaluation work, such a Round Robin Focus Groups, World Café and Photovoice. For each tool we will provide an interactive demonstration followed by a discussion about what’s appropriate to use, when, and with whom.  We will also discuss IRB and proposal writing, budgeting and planning.

Participants will leave the workshop with new insights on engaging the community in evaluation, new tools for their tool box, and some friends to contact for advice.

Presenters: Michelle Mitchell & Ashley Tetreault

Prerequisites for Attendance: None

About the Presenters:

Michelle Mitchell, MSocSc is the founder of Partnerships For Health and a trained clinical psychologist. Her career in public health began while working in rural HIV/AIDS clinical trial settings in South Africa. She has worked as an independent public health consultant taking lead positions in various evaluation projects. Michelle is a qualitative researcher with expertise in developmental evaluation, community-based participatory research, and the use of innovative approaches such as Photovoice.

Ashley Tetreault, MBA is an evaluator with Partnerships For Health. Since joining the PFH team in 2010, Ashley has been involved in several evaluation projects at both the state and local level. She is a skilled interviewer and focus group facilitator. She is competent in both qualitative and quantitative evaluation tool designs, implementation and analysis. Ashley has a wealth of content knowledge in evaluation, community-based participatory research and project management

Fee: $75

Session Category :  Pre-conference Workshops