May 1, 2018

Virtuoso Logic Modeling: Making “Condition Models” Sing and Dance 900am  -  1030am Virtuoso Logic Modeling: Making “Condition Models” Sing and Dance Salon A

Virtuoso Logic Modeling: Making “Condition Models” Sing and Dance

Kirk Knestis, PhD, CEO, Hezel Associates

This skill-building session will share the presenter’s “condition model” logic mapping approach, designed to knock down barriers inherent in typical modeling strategies to effectively guide planning and implementation in instances involving multifaceted interventions; complex mediating/moderating variables; outcomes for multiple, related stakeholder groups; or multi-site, multi-level implementation models.

Participants will practice translating example programs into condition model representations using affordable computer software. They will learn how to (a) clarify understanding of “how the evaluand works,” (b) build consensus among stakeholders, (c) define research questions or hypotheses to be tested, and (d) guide instrumentation, data collection, and analysis for the evaluation. This session will expand on previous EERS skill-builders to share “virtuoso” uses of such models for proposal development – clarifying a research agenda, situating an intervention in existing research literature, building a rationale for funding, developing program theory (e.g., addressing issues of equity), and addressing sustainability by framing the context around the evaluand.

A laptop computer is strongly recommended for this session. Attendees should download and install a trial version of the software to be used before the conference (Inspiration 9,

Session Category :  Skill-building Sessions