Submit A Session Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a presentation proposal for the EERS conference.

All the proposals submitted to EERS will undergo a blinded peer review process; each proposal is reviewed and independently rated by three reviewers with expertise in the areas of the submission. You will be notified in early February of the status of your submission.

If the same individual submits multiple proposals, it should be expected that only one proposal will be selected for presentation at the conference. This is to ensure the maximum opportunity for participation from the evaluation community. To submit a proposal, select the type from the list below. On the following forms, you will be asked to submit the necessary information by either typing it into the fields directly, or by cutting and pasting from a word processing program. For all types of presentations, it is important to address the conference theme in your proposal – Adapt! Evaluators in a Changing World. Once you submit the information, you will see a screen indicating that you have successfully proposed and including a submission ID number. We recommend that you save this number for future reference.

Proposals must include a synopsis, a one-sentence summary of your presentation that will be used exactly as submitted in the conference program and online session listings. You must also provide an abstract (not more than 300 words) describing your presentation. Examples of both are available here. Please review them before you prepare your proposal. When you are ready, use the links below to submit:

NOTE: You should receive a confirmation email after submission. If you do not (please check your spam/junk mail folder) or if you have other reason to doubt that your proposal has been successfully received, please email Ben Cohen or Kelly Feighan.