The following is provided as an example of the correct forms for your EERS proposal Abstract and Synopsis, illustrated in this case a panel with two related presentations.


ABSTRACT: The Executive and Legislative Branches of government share common challenges in successfully implementing evidence initiatives. This panel will highlight lessons learned about the generation and use of evidence in the Executive Branch during the Bush and Obama administrations. A second presentation will highlight the institutional challenges in the Congress for using evidence successfully across the array of policy mechanisms, then present options for improving the legislative institutional infrastructure. Together the presentations suggest the challenges faced in using evidence to inform government decisions, while recognizing the numerous opportunities for improvement in the near future across ethical and societal perspectives.

Change and Continuity: Lessons from the Bush and Obama Administration Evidence Initiatives

Nick Hart, Director, Evidence-Based Policymaking Initiative

SYNOPSIS: This presentation will discuss how the Executive Branch’s evidence initiatives have many common features and face the same types of limitations, that can inform how future efforts are designed and implemented.

New Directions for Evidence Use by Congress

Sandy Davis, Senior Advisor, Bipartisan Policy Center

SYNOPSIS: Congress struggles to use evidence due to a lack of technical capacity, time, and resources; this presentation highlights options to address the gaps in capacity.