April 28, 2020

Building the Next Generation of Evidence 830am  -  915am Building the Next Generation of Evidence Stony Brook

Building the Next Generation of Evidence

The movement toward greater use of data and evidence in social programs is encouraging, and there is a widely shared commitment among practitioners, funders, researchers, and policymakers to achieving better outcomes for the vulnerable segments of society served by nonprofits. However, the current evaluation paradigm struggles from sluggish learning, misplaced incentives, and questions of effectiveness. Rather than viewing evaluation primarily as a tool for accountability, it is time to flip the script and build the next generation of evidence, in which nonprofit leaders are empowered to leverage data and evidence as strategic assets to inform decision making, increase stakeholder alignment, and understand and accelerate their impact. That is why Kelly Fitzsimmons founded Project Evident, partnering with practitioners to pioneer the Strategic Evidence Plan, a multi-year roadmap to guide investments and activities for continuous evidence building, learning, and program improvement. Now, after having worked on more than 20 Strategic Evidence Plans with leaders in the field, Kelly will share what Project Evident has learned along the way and its vision for the next generation of evidence.